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I have a lot of feelings for Hunter x Hunter. Had to let some out of my system since the anime ended orz




#also iirc there is a picture of the original Wild Touya in the GOrgeous! characters book

oh my god is this anywhere on the web because wild touya haunts my dreams

No idea if it’s on the net but since it seems like preciously rare material, I snapped a pic of my French edition of the characters guide :pimage

(bad quality but full-size)

quick translation of Hotta Yumi’s comments, right page:

"Here are the exclusive original charadesigns I was sent 2 months before the start of magazine publication!

I’m the only one who owns these drawings now. I imagine Obata-sensei has many memories of them.

This is the wild version of Akira which was eventually scrapped; I talked about it back in my 7th comments section, in vol. 4.”

Left page, right-to-left:

This is a copy of Akira’s first appearance, in chapter 2. There were marks of a piece of paper having been stuck over the drawing. (this line)

When I saw those marks, I thought it was the wild first version of Akira that had been replaced. “I suppose you ran into some trouble drawing wild Akira back in chapter 2” : when I asked Obata-sensei…

He said something unexpected: “No, that wasn’t wild Akira. It was actually the second version, which I didn’t like either. So I redrew him again.” “Really!? There was another version of Akira?!”

"No, sorry, I can’t draw that version again… I don’t remember anymore…" "Oh, that’s too bad…” Thus it was after so much trouble that Akira and his bobbed haircut was born.”

So here they are, finally a picture of “Wild Touya” and the backstory behind “The Illusive Touya” referred to here :p


Life’s hard when you’re too cool to actually try at volleyball and risk ending up like a big-haired idiotic team captain.

(based on this vine!)



Japanese Food Porn

the bear all tucked in!!!

food ideal

act natural !!


act natural !!


Haikyuu!! sketches by an animator called Nishin.

I normally don’t post unofficial art from personal twitter accounts anymore but since Nishin made it clear that they joined twitter only for the duration of the anime, I decided to make this now deleted account an exception.

This is most of what I managed to save once I realised Nishin deletes old pics and replaces them with compilations every now and then.